About Us

Selvavision produces programming from concept to delivery for television networks and online content providers. Our content addresses themes currently not given proper attention in American media, but have a growing relevance in our lives given the current eco-socio-political climate. Selvavision ultimately helps consumers make more ethical choices and creates a concern for sustainability through entertaining and quality media. Our wish is that through tuning into our programming, viewers and consumers will make more sustainable choices as we help ecologically and socially responsible individuals and organizations tell their stories to wider audiences. It is our goal to communicate the positive, healthy and enjoyable results of sustainable lifestyle versus preach the doom and gloom of global warming.


Selvavision brings cutting-edge content about sustainable lifestyle choices to viewers in a way that makes going green appear simple, affordable and logical. In addition, because many companies and products claim to be green and sustainable, the terminology has caused some confusion for the uninitiated. Selvavision intends to shed some light on what it really means to be green and sustainable by showing viewers our research results in a way that is both entertaining and educational. We have a strong vision for what quality programming means and looks like.



We are committed to:


- meaningful content that entertains and educates

- high quality and high production value/beautiful look and feel

- excellent storytelling